Sunday, February 19, 2012

Deux Points! Or here are the results from The Hoochter Chucter Jury!

Guid Eevnin!

I hope yis have aw hid yer tea and are richt tae hae a gaw at answering ma 'Blog Buddies' questyins.

(Ahem) Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. On this fine late winter evening, may I take the opportunity of welcoming you to the home of Pam and hope that you are feeling prepared for the Blog Buddies questionnaire ahead.

Aye, she's richt an aw!
Yes, that's right.

A wis fair scunnert hinkin o sumday to gie thon award tae
I found the decision of whom to pass the award onto, extremely difficult

So'am gonnae gie yes aw a go.
And so, I have awarded it to each and every one of you

Cannae wait fr'a yer heid scratchins
I simply cannot wait to hear your many and varied answers

Mebbes ye'd like to waash yer coupon afore starting tae gie yersel' a fricht.
Perhaps now might be an opportune time to freshen up in preparation.

Are ye fur the aff?

1. If you could be any type of chip you liked, what would it be and why?

2. Angelos Epithemiou... who suspects there's a  handsome man under there?

3. What would be the title of the hit song from the musical about your life?

4. How old are you and (b) How old would you like to be?

5. Who is our greatest National Treasure?

6. What was your most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction?

7. What would be your superhero name be? Why?

8. What do you think has caused my eye infection?

Richt. am aff fur a few bevvies doon the Hoochter Chook til aw the rest o yis let yer mooth gie yer arse a chance.

And that's the end of the scoring from the Hoochter Choochter Jury.  You can now participate at home by inserting your own answers in the comments box to any or all of those questions and we'll be back shortly with a summary of the main results.


  1. I suspect you might be right about Angelos......

  2. 1- A did'ne ken yi got deaferent kind eh chips? Whit yi mean like? Skinny Maccy D wans or Fat chippy wans?
    2 - Naw, Looks like a right bawbag ti me.
    3 - If it wisne fir yir wellies . . .
    4 - a)29 in April. b) but a'll eywis be 21.
    5 - Sean Batty - yon laddie who dis the weather.
    6 - Ma troosers burst n a wiz wearing rid knickers wi Flirt on em.
    7 - Pure Gallus Grumpinator - Coz a am!
    8 - whit d'hink a im, gonni go see the docter.