Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog Buddies Questionnaire from Sarah Mac

Last week(or the week before) I was extremely honoured to receive not 1 but 2 awards from Sarah Mac at People Don't Eat Enough Fudge. Blog Buddies was the first and she set me a number of questions. Here are   the results from Hoochter Chucterland:

1. Foods I didn't try till I was really quite old :
    Asparagus, celeriac and artichoke are all favourites now that were considered to be unnecessary veg with ideas above their station when I was growing up.

2.The trait I most admire in a person?
  Well, there are a lot of contenders for this but I think overall, happy-go-lucky-ness, is what I most admire, because resilience and a positive outlook comes with the territory. My daughter has it in bucket loads and she has difficulties to overcome that never phase her. In fact, she has naturally turned them into benefits. Every day I think I learn more from her than she does from me.

3. Marmite, I don't! It's the one thing we disagree on Sarah. Just the thought, makes me stick my tongue out and try to scrape it off.

4.Seagulls and the smell of dolls take me back to my childhood. That peculiar, plasticy newness reminds me of Christmas when I was 4 and of my beautiful new doll, Daisy. She is still in my parents' attic. Her eyelids closed but that was about it on the malleability side. She was rigid everywhere and seemed to have an awful lot of hair for a baby. She looked as though had a pensioner's Wednesday Special shampoo and set.
 They keep asking me to take it away because they can't bear to throw her out but I don't need to keep her, that smell ensures she's with me always. I think they're worried that if they do it, she'll find her way home and strangle them in their beds.  I was going to insert a pic of a scary doll here but I made the mistake of Googling the term and I defy you to do the same and sleep soundly in your beds. I shall be leaving my light on I can tell you.

5. Not old junk but treasures, definitely. My house is filled with with them. I like my 'things' to have a history of life. This is why I could never live in a new house. I briefly had a business selling vintage clothes too and 2 display cabinets, 1 filled with shoes and vintage handbags and gloves, and the other with old jewellery and more handbags.

6. Coffee or tea first thing? Well, I have cut out caffeine but still like decaffeinated coffee first thing then it's roobois or herbal tea all day.

7.Being a fledgling Buddhist, karma is a difficult one for me. I really hate the idea of it since sometimes ,I like to think that shit happens and it's no-one's fault. But, I do really believe in cause and effect and when I look back at my life, I have always believed strongly in karma, I just didn't call it that. Pride comes before a fall, that sort of thing. I think you can change your karma and your fate by changing the path that you are on. This is a big question, so maybe we can talk this over on the beach with that scone Ms Mac!

8.Would I read someone else's thoughts? No cos no good ever came from listening at doors and you need context too. But, if I was forced to,perhaps the Dalai Lama because then I would be able to hear silence and feel all the peace that there is in there. Gawd knows my head is stuffed with constant whittling, it's exhausting!

9.Well, there are far too many inappropriate things to mention but the most humiliating would have to be when I was drunk and caught on camera at a 40th birthday party trying to entice my (male, unhappily married) friend into an affair. One of us was always trying to entice the other when my marriage broke up. A 30 year friendship would be down the tubes if we were ever to mutually entice! The most awful bit was that the bloke whose 40th it was sat down with his wife and kids to watch his birthday video and was horrified to see the whole thing play before his eyes like an episode of Hollyoaks. I need just to say at this point that I no longer drink, nor even entice single men, never mind married ones and do not think it is acceptable behaviour. I had been going through a shitty time and it made me behave shittily.

10. Not really a biscuit eater if truth be told which makes the size of my arse even more inexplicable.

11. I love kisses and hugs but only when I am in the mood. Sometimes I have my invisible shield up and people have battered themselves to death upon it.

Later this week, the rules of Blog Buddies and my nominated tagged person..............

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  1. Oh no!!! to number 9 - excruciating! (but we've all been there ;).

    Number 7 - I like to think there is natural justice and accountability rather than some kind of payback which is what, for some reason Karma implies to me but I'm not truly convinced there alway is.

    Something to ponder surrounded by the vastness and beauty of nature when frankly, I'll probably cease to care too much :) xx