Saturday, February 8, 2014

Name My really!

Hello again Pam Pickers!

Righty-ho. I got fed up  myself with the pop star on the bus story a few weeks back so I will summarise and move on. I will call his band Hellish Twelve and the song, Sensation, just for the purposes of the story.

Him: What are we doing on this bus?
Me: You were here first, you tell me
Him: Haha!Honestly...never known anything like this. Why are we on this bus?I'm not used to stuff like this.
Me: (silence....I had been travelling for hours)
Him: I'm not used to stuff like this. I'm in a band.I thought for once, I'd take some time and travel by train and here I am on a bus. Where am I going?
Me: Don't you know?
Him: I'm on a bus. I'm just not used to things like this.I'm in a band -you'd know it.
Me: (More silence and leaning further toward the aisle)
Him: I was on a train. It was supposed to be a 4 hour journey, then they chuck me off and now I am on a bus. I'm a musician, I am not used to this
Me: (The fog is starting to clear) Are you by any chance heading for Birmingham?
Him: Well, Stoke on Trent but you have to change at Birmingham
Me: Right, well you are on the replacement bus service between Peterborough and my town. You can pick the train up again from there. They are updating the line.
Him: Oh. I really didn't know why I was on a bus
Me: No
Him: I was just on this train and then..
Me: Yes, you said.
Him: Travelled the world I have, several times.
Me: I can imagine. And yet... Stoke?
Him: One of my houses is there. I am in this band..
Me: Oh Go on then...tell me
Him: It's Hellish Twelve
Me :Oh hahahaha!. I have your album at home
Him:  Sensation has made us millionaires. I own an island in Norway.
Me :Yes, it's a classic! But I wouldn't want to live in Norway. Too dark
Him : Oh :(
Me: Well, I hope the rest of your journey goes smoothly
Him: You haven't asked for my autograph (mimes signing)
Me: No. Not really an autograph hunter
Him: :( 
Him: I don't like to brag about these things, I like to travel incognito.
Me: Apart from with me
Him: What?
Me: You've told me who you are
Him: I wish I hadn't started this.

Once I got home, I did a bit of Googling in case he was feeding me a line, but no...actually very influential in his field, pictures of him in the actual group that  he said he was in and more impressively, before that, he had started one of my favourite bands and inspired a whole musical movement.
Maybe I've missed a trick...maybe he wouldn't be such a knob if sober. I could have got used to Norway, surely? He is still a very handsome man, in a dishevelled and slightly pissed sort of a way.
As an aside, I was at a pub a fortnight ago that had a huge screen with 80's music blaring out of it and I was telling this anecdote to a friend just as Prince finished strutting his stuff. "Oh", I said, "I was chatted up by this bloke from Hellish Twelve..on the bus, Googled him and everything. He said  that Sensation made him a millionaire."
 I do not lie when I say that at that moment that very song by that very band appeared on the screen and in our ears. Seamlessly, without missing a beat, my mate went
" Oh really, which one?"
"The one on the left"
"Brilliant song. Did you know he started  Monkey Leagues?
"Yep (sigh) I could get used to Norway, right? There are sunbeds?"

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