Monday, May 9, 2011

A blog by any other name

Right then, I need your help.

 But first off the bat, I need to say that I am not a one-blog-a-fortnight type of  a gal. It may seem that way, but it isn't the case. I am about a 3 times a week type of gal.

Please do not ask my ex-husband for confirmation of this.Businessman with hammer to head

I must warn you that I have let my mind childishly snicker at innuendo today. It's beneath me, it really is (I'm snickering!) I need to monitor whether these off-colour days come regularly(!) It may turn out that it's every monday say, or after I've had a saucy dream , or when I eat peanuts or they may be completely random. I'd appreciate your vigilance in monitoring the situation.

Unfortunately the start of the blog coincided with the start of something else and although I had written several entries (..!)  they were substandard Pammy and I can't bear to do anything substandard, except the decorating and that's obvious the moment you walk into my downstairs toilet.
Plumber with tools standing beside an open toiletOh I say....


I need your input (!) with a conundrum. Let me first, set the scene......

In the last fortnight, I have started a new business. Well, actually, it's been longer than a fortnight - much longer ( I think I can write a whole porn novelette in this innuendo style. It would spice up the script for corporate training videos too. I can be contacted through the blog if your company is interested)  but finally it's on track. However, I did have an issue with the name. I originally had an imaginative working title for it and had hand-painted signs made to display it..
Well, I say that. I actually wrote on my table-runner with fabric paint, but it does the job brilliantly.

view details

It says what we do on the tin.

 The above link was an old advert that aired around the same time that another bloke was being wallpaper-pasted to a light aircraft by his overalls before being taken for a breezy spin.  I think I heard that Easy Jet will be offering that soon to make your holiday more economical. It's worth considering for the kids. 

Anyway, once I knew the business was going to work, I took the plunge into the world of websites only to discover that some bastard had registered the domain name a couple of years ago and only that week, had bought up the and similar domains. Git!  Good table runners don't grow on trees! Thankfully, I had not as yet ordered the free Vistaprint merchandising which invariably ends up with me spending rather more than the anticipated nothing at all. I forget to factor in postage and that I will be encouraged to add a lawn sign and matching mug, a T-shirt for the dog and a scouser who has my company logo tattooed on his nether regions and displays it aerially whilst pasted to a blimp by his vest. view details

Anyway, once the website is up and running, I will let you know where to find it. But I warn you, I have had a website for my consultancy for 3 years and it still isn't live. It always seems too grown up for me.

This one will have colours and sparkles though, so it stands a better chance.Goldfish

On to the bit where you need to help me.
My name is not Pam, it's Lesley. I tell you this because Postcard Pam arrived in my head out of the blue and sounded a bit like me. I like having an alias. I like it that you readers are sPAMalot(hope Eric Idle doesn't sue me for copyright, you never know where you are with Eric)

BUT yesterday I discovered, that 'PostcardsfromPam' already exists as a Blog.   This , I'm sure you'll agree is rather close to 'PostcardPam' with or without the 'Goes Large'.
Poor Pam! I feel like a total usurper. What are the odds? What should we do?  I'm coming down with an attack of the vapours. I never saw myself as a doppelganger!.

 I always find this freaky. They are surely the same woman?

Shall we change the name of the blog? If so, what to?

Would my hoards of fanatical followers still find me if we did? I know that at least one person has bookmarked me - what do we do in that instance?
Would you consider being Lessalots? It's a mathematical oxymoron after all.
Do we write to Pam and ask her permission to leave it as it is?
Shall we say nothing and hope to infiltrate her readership?
Shall I steal her identity and thence her life?
Is thence appropriate in that sentence?

All thoughts into the comments box below please. x


  1. Dear Lesley
    I suggest you write to Pam and see what happens. It could be interesting. I think stealing her identity is a high risk strategy, though I don't think she would have any qualms about using the word 'thence' in any given situation. So don't worry about it. I hope this helps.
    Yours sincerely
    John the Pon.

  2. I think you are right. It is the honest thing to do. A woman that has my idea before I do must have lots to offer.
    Will keep you posted Mr Ponner. Do the words Jim Jam Yaha create any disturbance in your immediate vicinity?

  3. Only at night when I'm asleep so I am blissfully unaware. I did think they had done so once but thank goodness it was only a seagull. I'd like to think a 'hands across the water' collaboration was afoot, like Rod Stewart's Atlantic Crossing, but without Rod Stewart, or Brit Eckland. Just you and Pam.

  4. I've written to her but she hasn't posted since last June, so I am hoping that she hasn't come to any harm.

    PS. That was no seagull!