Sunday, September 29, 2013

Come on In, and Close the Door.

Welcome Home.

I have had a tremendous urge to return home to my blog. Life has been happening to me whilst I have been busy making other plans, but at last it hasn't all gone by unnoticed.I live in the moment much more than I used to. It feels to me as though I've used a riddle on all of those ideas that used to fire out of me like I was vomiting confetti and so I have managed to sift through them.Most of them dropped straight out the bottom and landed on the gravel driveway  before being carried off on the bottom of someone's wellies,or borne away by the wind to dissolve in a stream, or were hoovered off the footwell of an Fiat Uno. But a handful of sturdy bits remained clinging to the grid like surface and these are they.

learning to cook
moving house/home
finding a partner/like minded people.