Tuesday, January 31, 2012


they infuriate me.

35 readers in 12 hours (excellent for me) then not a single bloody glance since Elevenses!


(or lie and tell me that my STATS have a whatsit in the doobrie)


  1. Your guess is as good as mine. I forgot my Rosetta Stone to decipher such things in my other suit...

  2. I like to fondly think that they are lying in the gutter drunk when that happens BUT Mrs, I am still hugely confused as to why more people aren't reading you anyway - action needs to be taken!

    I have a plan .... xx

  3. I'm not in a hurry, Robbie. I will wait here whilst you go and fetch it.

    Sarah- liking the gutter theory;believable and explanatory. A plan...how intriguing! I am waxing the ends of my handlebar moustache in anticipation.....xx

  4. Ok, well, this isn't the plan but it's a start - you are just going to LOVE me for this (or maybe not ...) - I've tagged you in the blog buddy questionairre xx

  5. Hi Robbie and welcome to the loony bin. Seriously, there is no rhyme or reason as to stats, followers, or anything else.

    Again, welcome!

    --Feisty Cat

    (Good work, Sarah M!)

    1. Hi ho and welcome FC. My name is either Pam or Lesley (Robbie visits like you!) :) x

  6. Mwah FC ;) x

    Step 2 - Now this IS part of the plan :)

    You are THE VERY FIRST recipient of the brand new Kindred Spirit Award - and if those buggers don't pop by and read you then I'm personally going to pay them a visit (and yes, I KNOW where you live!!! ... sadly it's mostly in America and Austraila ;) xx

  7. Awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!
    I'll come with you!

    Popping over to Fudgeland now!


  8. I'm visiting! I do most of my reading on a Sunday so that's when I'm most likely to pop by and comment. I love your blog so keep it up.

    There's always ebs and flows with readership. I was looking at my stats the other day and found a pattern with certain types of posts I write. Nobody is interested in my 'cute baby' photos or my rants about politics or the inner workings of my mind. I get more readers for my comic posts or my weight loss confessions. My most popular posts are the ones I write spur of the moment! I also found lots of readers through linkys and hops. x