Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I am
Filled with panic so overwhelming
that it makes my brain skip hither and thither like a frog on a lily pad.
It doesn't want to rest, lest the standing still will result in being SWATTED like a teensy wee fly.

It's in danger, my brain
because its ears are listening to the stuff it doesn't want to hear

And its eyes are looking at a face it loves that it simply cannot afford to listen to
if it does
The World will end

My brain knows this as it has happened before.

So, it decides to filter . It's been doing this for 46 years so it comes easily
-sore neck, bad knees, shift position,

What else? what else? what else? Quick!
Change the topic.


Change the topic


cup of tea?
let me go let me go let me go!!!!

a tiny thing to lend -an ear
costs nothing

It costs me... it really does.

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