Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Boobs Have Shown Me The Way!

Yes indeed they have and the gist of what they say is this:

If you were free to do anything you wanted, anything at all - would you really use that opportunity to show your boobs in public and eat enough chocolate to choke Macclesfield?
Would you? Would you? Or as Short Shorts would say,  'Would you really, though?'

I thought I would to be honest.

 Hello, Uncle Brian!

 I am a lucid dreamer. That is to say, I know that I am in a dream and  use the opportunity to behave rather badly and to do things in public that would get me into the pages of The Sun, if not leading that issue out to press. In my dreams, I am not the pillar of the community that you read before you today.

Obviously, I remain a reality-pillar because  I do not want to embarrass my children or my parents .The latter is easily remedied - wait till they're dead (btw Mum and Dad, hopefully not for a very long time as I still need babysitters.) But, the children are another matter.

Whereas in real life, I might worry about the direction and consistency of my boobs, as I see it a bus load of bored and completely imaginary commuters wouldn't be that picky.

Why am I bringing this up?

Well to cut a long story short:
Mondays night's dream was the first dream in my own bed after a wonderful weekend of meditation in the Northamptonshire countryside. Unusually, I could not control what happened as I slept and so felt terrified and helpless within the dream because I lost someone very important to me. Bad behaviour was all around me but appeared....well...seedy. In fact Well-Seedy.

 This dream sent me down the path of self analysis.( I am quite good at dream analysis now. If you imagine that everyone in your dream is representing a part of you, then you go back there and imagine it from that persons point of view, it becomes very enlightening and often changes what you perceive to have been happening in the dream. Go on, give it a go and then let me know what happens)

Well, it turned out, that no-one in my dream (and therefore no part of me) meant anyone any harm whether they appeared seedy or not. Yet I still lost the most precious thing to me. I was baffled.

So this morning, when I woke up tired and couldn't shake it at all, I went back to bed for an hour and dreamed. The lucid part of the  dream brewed a concoction of the usual bus, boobs and fancy-dress parties and the regular part culminated in not being able to get out of a filthy public loo. I awoke knowing exactly what the problem was and where I have been going wrong.

Fledgling Buddha Pammy (certainly looks like one at the minute though not necessarily this one)  asks:

 If you were free to do anything you wanted, anything at all - would you really waste that opportunity by showing your boobs in public and eating enough chocolate to choke Macclesfield?

 Would you? Would you? Would you really, though?' 

What would you do as a lucid dreamer?

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  1. Hello! I used to do that, I was forever peering above people's curtain rails and tutting at their wallpaper.

  2. I think I'd like to be a fly on the wall to listen into other people's conversations - just cause I'm nosey!