Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What do you do with your days Mum?

Do you mean after I've made the lunch boxes and dropped you off at school? Ah you do! Right...

Well Darling,

Today for example, I tidied up a bit and printed off everything I needed for my interview and did a bit of ironing.
Then I got ready and drove the 20 mins to the interview and was there for one and a half hours. Then I drove into town and did the shopping and waited for The Elf outside New Look as we arranged except it was freezing and raining and someone in a luminous tabard and a hat with ears was flashing me his best sexy smile and complimenting me on my shoes and begging me to chat to him. To be honest, if he wasn't trying to sell me  a guide dog , I maybe would have flashed my best cougar smile back and tried to sell him some socks.
Then, as you know, we met you and forced you to carry a shopping bag to the car and we all drove home where I put your dinner in the oven and unpacked the shopping before taking The Elf and driving the half hour down the A47 to Short Shorts' school for her parents evening. After a mixed hour and a half, we set off for home and once back, dropped your little sister off at her school play before coming home to discover you'd not left me any dinner and I ate two crunch corner yoghurts before e-mailing the teachers we couldn't get an appointment with. Then I collected The Elf from her play and here I am on the sofa with you, watching Futurama because you want to, although it gives me a headache. Does that answer your question?"

"Think so. You're  basically telling me that you've been sitting down for most of the day."


  1. Merry Christmas Lesley - have a wonderful day xx

  2. Hey PP- a little snippit of your blog post popped up on my blog roll (damn blooger eh ;)

    Just wanted to say that if you had had second thoughts about publishing because you thought I may be upset then just to reassure you - I cant imagine anything you would say would do anything other than warm my heart.

    Thank you for thinking of me what ever you decide to do with it :) xxxx