Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Polly Wally Pammy all the Way!

Today finds me particularly excited because fabulous Sarah, over at People Don't Eat Enough Fudge
(no stranger to awards herself) has awarded me, both    award and her own Tap (Toast a Post) award for As I walked out one October Morning

Sarah had passed an award to me earlier in the summer too, but I was a novice then and had not- a- clue how to go about passing one on. I feel that I have watched Sarah grow in confidence with her blogging, her prose is beautifully evocative and stylish.

What between the previous blog and this incarnation, I  have now been lucky enough to be given a few awards and endorsements whilst still retaining what must be a record-breaking Teensy Tiny Follower Tally (though I have just reached double figures and am thrilled!)
So, a few things to sort :-

 First of all I am keen to say that Sarah, you are my champion and my hero. With well over 100 followers I can only snap at your heels which are barely visible through the clouds.

Secondly, I am required to give my fave 15 new blogs a shout out. This might be tricky as I don't read enough, but I am determined to find at least 2 or 3 new ones a week to guide you towards, like a beacon on these pages. But for now and first up Robbie at    http://robbiegrey.blogspot.com/2011/10/epilogue-forever-regaind.html    transports me to another place and time. He's a loner like myself and has taken it to the next degree. His prose is quirky and at times, even gruesome but I am addicted.

Thirdly, I need your help as I have absolutely no idea why my readership remains so small.
Obviously, it may be because I am just shockingly poor at blogging (can we take that as read?) but, I have seen poorer with more readers.
Maybe I'm not many people's cup of tea. I am a bit.. weird.
 But can you, my tiny blogging community - please help me with handy hints for attracting Readers and Followers? Use the comments box after this post please.

Onto ....

Today, I have 3 heating installation engineers in my house. This particular one is called Mark. and he's lovely! He's the proud Dad of baby Freya and little Harry. He is also a keen amateur photographer and I was touched to hear that Mark's very first camera holds a special place in his life since it was filled with photos of his friend who died at an appallingly young age.  They had taken those first photos together. Mark's camera has a soul.
I was intrigued to discover that he is also a member of the  cloud appreciation society  and has sold it to me so well that I may be investigating shortly.
Frikkin' fantastic!!!!
 I'll have to join.

The Three are here because my old boiler     had seen better days and wasn't particularly strutting its stuff when it was young. The lads have fitted a new one, given my radiators a total overhaul and  completely replaced the pipes . It's a grand world; you can entirely replace a heating system but I can't even leave the house without 3 pairs of glasses. One for distance, one for reading and third pair in case I am reading whilst I'm  wearing my contact lenses. Wonder if there's a firm that sorts out middle age?
 The optician did ask me if I wanted to consolidate with varifocals but I reckon it's not only his frames that have a screw loose! I am fine with my specs and my trolley bag for carrying them all.
 Actually, it's a golf cart cos my knees are playing up in this cold weather. Mind you, I am not wearing much in this photo so it's no wonder!

Anyways, I asked the chaps if they wanted to be in my blog and they agreed and asked for the web address. Well, how mortifying!
They are going to spot my 11 followers and wonder how I can harbour such bloggish pretensions. So, if I tell them not to log on till Wednesday, can we make a concerted effort to up the readership please?  Think of it as a charitable appeal.

"A Blogger needs your help this Halloween... what you are about to read, may be distressing. Please donate any spare comments, to Postcard Pam "

 something like that...

Anyway, back to the boys - here they are working away (and they have worked very hard with minimum chocolate biscuits and tea; clearly they are not small and Scottish) and under the delusion that I can make them famous.
This is Mark again. Mark who smiled for 2 straight days, who never sat down despite clearly doing so here, who always went that extra mile when it wasn't strictly speaking what he was there to do (like extend a radiator pipe so I could tile under it and make a removable bar for my cupboard to allow access to the boiler and trunk things that were tricky to trunk)

I know he'll be reading, so THANK YOU and enjoy Friday's birthday celebrations and the tiny shoes.

This is Steve. He's an exceptional young man.

As with so many people who have come to support me with the house recently, I have learned such a lot from him.
I have learned that the Irish can be as softly spoken as though they were singing you a lullaby. But maybe that's just those from the West, or maybe it's just one.

I have learned that the young can hold the wisdom of ages, that gentleness radiates and that intelligence, intellect and curiosity aren't always found in academia.
I have woken today a quieter person than when I awoke yesterday. He has helped me to know myself just by observing how well he knows himself.

Finally, I have learned that he needs photos for his portfolio and  I hope that these are what he needs.

Look how messy this room is - mess and dirt are a recurring theme of these photos. It was like that before they arrived. I have no shame (nor duster it seems)

     This is my favourite radiator as the  little copper frame at the bottom is a work of art :)

He was sitting in a pool of under fridge gunk here! He wasn't vulgar enough to mention it.

Last but not least, this is Scott - another proud father of Harvey and Oliver (6 and 4), resident of Leicester, footie fan and walking enthusiast.
Being Foxes Fans ourselves, he was very welcome in our house and when I offered him Yoyos for the boys, he very politely pointed out that one would no doubt throw it at the head of the other then strangle him with the string.
 He offered to fix my loo for me (after a year of sticking my hand in the cistern and playing russian roulette with the lid, this was tantamount to Sainthood) and he drew me a diagram of the bit I needed to buy.
 In the event, it was the birthday of one of his lads and he was delayed in all the birthday morning excitement - so Mark got here and fixed it first.
Scott was soooooo patient as he talked me through thermostatically controlled radiators, digital timers and boilers. I usually get things on the 20th go and you'd have marvelled at the amount of different ways he found to say exactly the same thing, and with good grace too.
He tells me that Watermead Country Park is for walking and cycling, so I can see a half term trip coming up.
Yep, hand on heart and will all honesty, the job was excellently co-ordinated and carried out and it was a pleasure to have them all in the house.

 In summation
PLEASE !!!!!!!!!! add your tips for gathering Followers in the comments box below. You don't want to be a lonely group of 11 forever do you?


  1. Lesley, I'm in the middle of cooking tea so I can't read all of this right now BUT - can I have one of your lovely plumbers please???

    I had 7 expected for dinner on Sunday, flushed the loo just before they arrived and something went snap inside the cistern!

    £35 quid at Wicks later I now have water pissing (excuse the pun) out of the back of the toilet every time you flush it.

    I will treat him well and feed him cake!!

    Tips to ensnare followers to follow :) xx

  2. ps I follow Robbie too! I am truly in awe of him, great choice :)

  3. Ok, so, a few ideas (well, one) on how to bring people to your blog. I can tell you for sure that it's just that they don't know where to find you. Once they do, watch out!

    You need to flog your blog on a few blog hops (I'd like to take credit for 'flog your blog' but it is actually the title of a blog hop).

    The best ones I've found because they are friendly and not too big (the huge ones just get you loads of generic 'I followed you so you follow me' and they dont even READ your stuff!) are:

    Kate Takes 5 at http://katetakes5.blogspot.com/ - once a week she gives a prompt - this time it was the top 5 keyword searches for your blog (instructions on how to do it provided). All you do is write the post. Cut the ULR in your bar thingy at the top of the page and paste it into the link up on Kates page. It really is simple, believe me, if it wasn't I couldn't do it!

    The other one is the weekend rewind hosted by Multiple Mum at http://pilesofwashing.blogspot.com/ - that's just a 'link up an old post' that fits with whatever theme she has chosen so no need to write a new post for it.

    Then, pop around to a few of the others, leave a few comments and people will come to you too.

    I dont follow everyone who follows me and Im sure not everyone that I follow follows me either. Just the ones of the people I know I want to read otherwise stuff just disappears off the end of the blog roll.

    Those two hops aren't very time consuming and are well worth giving a go. Good Luck :)xx

  4. Well, they are in Mansfield and Leicester so it'd have to be a big cake... but it's worth a try. Lads, if you are reading -Sarah Mac needs you for a homer.

    I do do the Rewind and a few people visit but only 1 or 2 have stayed. Will try Kate tho' and thanks for the tip.

    Why don't you cut out the middle man with the loo and just wee outside?