Sunday, May 22, 2011

I've got a luverly bunch of coconuts!

Stall holder's Accounts for Glamp It Up, Festival wear.

Event:  It's a Knockout! Hosted by Rotary Club

Venue: Playing fields behind my house (no transport costs - excellent start)

Gross Takings for Day   (not bad for 3 hours trading)                       £76.50

Cost of Stall  (bit steep, complaint registered. Especially since pitch half promised size )                            

Cost of stock   (excellent return)                                                       £16.37

Liability insurance in order to be allowed to have stall at It's a Knockout   
                                              (breath quite shallow now)                  £90

Entertaining 3 kids and 3 kids to keep them company  


Dud Prototype tutu ingredients                                                          £42

Dud Prototype tutus in man hour equivalent wages                           £436

Net Profit                                                                                       779.87      

Can't help but think that something's gone awry!                                                           


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