Monday, May 16, 2011

Who Loves You, Charlie Brown?

I have been away for the weekend. It took a while to get out the door.
2 nights turned into 1 night as childcare was a problem. Then  I missed the early train that I had planned to take as Joogies (child 3) had a wobbly about my going at all, and an hour later, train 2 went without me too. Finally, I managed train 3 and felt good about going because at last, everyone was reassured and fine about it- including me - and their very part time dad had arrived to spend 24 hrs with them. 

European train crossing traffic signThe train journey was wonderful -3 hours to myself to read and write and think and listen. A young couple opposite me were so in love that you could see them trying to fuse their limbs, to climb inside each other; to lose themselves and to own the other. 

They were both tall. He was black, beautiful and confident, asking people to move so that they could sit together and she was an English rose in a denim mini skirt and footless tights, constantly and softly blushing  like a peach , her heavy eyelids givng shade to eyes that gazed upon him constantly.
 Drinking was a problem for them because, being so entwined, their disposable cups always got in the way and rarely remained upright. 

The young man especially, all wide-eyed and cockney twanged , was magnetised by her. "When you eyes sparkol like that, I know yoo ar going to drink all of ma coffeee," he boomed. I thought that drinking station coffee could never have been so romantic since 'Brief Encounter'.

I envied that feeling. It seems like a very long time since the consuming passion of reciprocated love was mine, in fact it has been a very long time - 20 years and it was brief at the time. I really hope that no bah humbug tells them that that phase doesn't last, it would be cruel and pointless. Something so rare and fleeting is to be treasured and enjoyed without the spectre of the end of it. They have made my world a better place, just by allowing me to see it. And who knows, I may have witnessed, in those moments, the start of a lifelong loving journey. I'd like to think so. They deserved it. I am pinning my hopes for the future of this world, on them.
It made me happy.    Close couple portrait

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  1. It made me happy too just reading it. Such a beautiful story and so well told.

  2. Good for you to get away for a bit, and a bit of People Watching is a tendedncy of my own as well. Thanks for stopping by ohbutno!

  3. What a gorgeous love story. Usually those happy 'in love' types drive me nuts but I can see that if you are looking there is something lovely about them! Thanks for Rewinding x