Monday, April 9, 2012

My Men and Their Music

Not sure how long I can keep up this postie-ing. I have been too tired to blog. I have missed you all loads and want to tell you all sorts, but if I ain't walking, I'm asleep. It's 8.45 and I have been in bed for half an hour, and this despite having been to work once in the last 5 days. It takes an awful lot of chocolate and sleep to deliver the mail.
Still, good old Kate, over at Kate Takes 5, has The Best 5 albums by male solo artists as her Listography topic today and it means I can indulge without overtaxing myself. And it's one of my favourite

So, here we go and the undisputed crown goes to:

1. John Martyn   - Solid Air :    It's been giving me goosebumps for 30 years. Nuff said.

Runners up are:


2.  Sorry, but it has to be done, I dance to this till I've worn a hole in the carpet, which reminds me.....

3. I went to see this next one at the cinema when I was 18 and got so excited that I opened a family sized bag of Revels with too much enthusiasm and  showered the two rows in front with chocolate like it was an exploding pinata! To my teenage self, he was a brimful of pulsating sexuality...Grrrr!!

4.   OMG! Legend! Altogether now


5.   Gorgeous memories of a stiflingly long hot summer in 1995, pregnant with my first child and eating lots of Orange ice lollies. I still quite liked my ex then and he would drive me round the beautiful Rutland countryside in the early evening so I could catch a bit of breeze and we'd listen to Stanley Road.
 Fabulous :)

I'll enjoy reading yours and thanks to Kate for giving me the most pleasurable hour I've had in a long time :)


  1. Oh I can't believe I forgot Paul Weller! Is it bad that I only know John Martyn because Bombay Bicycle Club did a cover of Fairy Tale lullaby?! I will have to check him out.

    1. You won't be disappointed but give yourself quiet time to enjoy it and chill

  2. Great list, nice to find out which two we had in common! x

  3. Great list!
    I had to include Michael Jackson in my top 5 too! xx

  4. John Martin - another fabulous entry - my husband is a little obsessed so I consider him 'his'. I toyed with Weller but really it's The Jam that does it for me...and again my husband met him so he's his too! Thanks for joining in - lovely to have you :)

    1. Oh I know what you mean. My ex loved Beck and so I never even tried to get into him. Since I have been on my own, I've developed a major Beck music crush. (You see, I missed Beck out and now I think about it, he is a solo artist!)

  5. OOooh good choices.......LOVE John Martyn and even persuaded my mister to come with me and see him once......sadly the mister hated it so not a great result there but I was having a hoot. Might have a go at this list myself if you don't mind?

  6. Why would I mind? I jumped on someone elses bandwagon in the first place. I really look forward to your list!