Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Not Just Anybody..He-e-elp!

Yesterday did not shape up to be the day that I hoped it would be for me.
It was to be the day that my youngest -my 3rd - child started secondary school, and the day that my own life was to  begin to reclaim me; to slowly woo me with time and independence.

Instead, my faerie child clung to the door of the car, panic in her elfin eyes as she pleaded with me to take her home. 

I was so brave; I soothed and cajoled and finally just insisted that she entered this new world alone. I opened the car door and gently but firmly pushed her out.

Half way home, my own emotions flung open the door of my moving car and insisted upon being felt. They climbed inside me and screamed their way out.   Fuckers!

Once home, I found the man that I had employed to finally 'sort out' my garden sitting in my drive. He informed me that 2 rats had dropped down the fence, flicked him the 'V's', stuck their tongues out and pissed on his boots. 

He can't work in these conditions, he's scared.

I wanted to scoop up my children and run away from this diseased house.

The gardener looked uncomfortable as tears for my daughter, my youth, my garden and my role started a journey that took them the day to complete and another to recover from. "I thought they had gone. He promised they had gone" I managed to mumble through horrified lips.

The rats have been a recurring problem since my neighbours moved in 18 months ago.  I am terrified of them  and sick to death of paying exterminators who cannot exterminate because my neighbours -who are kind and clean and  reasonable people- have a
compost heap, 

a pond 

and a bird feeder.

They own rat nirvana!

They also have 4 dogs and tasty dog food. 

What they don't have though are rats because they are scared of
the dogs.

  So the evil little bastards live with us and pop next door for food when the coast is clear. I have had words with my neighbours who think I am scapegoating because they don't have rats living with them and yet 4 exterminators tell me that the problem is not one of my making. But it's me who gets anxious and pays money I can ill afford and can't let the kids in -what used to be -a beautiful garden, and me who can't use my garage. My neighbours enjoy their garden, birds and dogs and pond.

Someone scoop me up.

The elf bounced out of the school gates and chattered incessantly all night about how amazing her day had been. I'm not allowed anywhere near the school gates now!

Any tales of triumph over rodentity would be fallen up gratefully with copious weeping and probably - gifts!


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