Thursday, April 28, 2011

Turning Buddhistic

Because of one thing and other, I am retraining my mind.
It takes longer than you think and involves a lot of breathing.
So, I joined a meditation class.
It helped and I discovered I haven't been breathing efficiently, in accordance with new EU guidelines.

I also discovered that sitting with my legs crossed is far more difficult than it used to be and one leg kept pinging off the top of the other like a spring recoiling.

As it happened, the meditation class was run by a Buddhist nun.  (Hello Yeshe!)
When the class finished, I was worried that my breathing might return to pre-decimalisation standard and so Yeshe invited our class to join her in further study at the centre in Peterborough.

I was terribly unsure as it all sounded a bit religious to me.

Unbelievably, I used to be an RE teacher (and yes dear ex-pupils, your bedouin tents were outstanding. I remember each and every one of them) and so tend to be open minded about these things, if consistently non committal.
Yeshe says that at no point do we ever need to become a Buddhist if it isn't our inclination and I must say, that's a relief.  There would have to be an awful lots of leg crossing practise (kids might be reading) before I got to that stage. Moreover, yellow and orange really don't compliment my skin tone, hair and wrinkles; and they attract wasps.
 If I had a choice, I'd adopt any religion that celebrated constantly with lots of music and dancing and colourful  clothes, jewellery, alcohol and low grade alternative substances. But then again, I could have been  maximising my breath as a matter of course by now if I'd avoided all those.

Anyway, in order to learn how to meditate with focus, last night was my first night of 'Eight Steps to Happiness'.  I struggle to find the right word for 'acting as a Buddhist would' or 'adopting Buddhist principles' so I invented Bhuddistic, and it does the job for me.

Anyway, considering that this is a passage from my other blog :

"There was a look of grave concern and heartfelt sympathy on her face that made me want to kick her head in. I  used to work in social services and never saw an honest-to-goodness do-gooder in the 10 years I was there. I've seen one now and it ain't pretty. It gives you rosacea,"

then I would say that I had some way to go before I get Buddhistic and can offer up peace, love and understanding to all beings.   (I often wonder about that bit-does it include wasps? Or rats? Surely I shouldn't let those little fockers live?)

As I say, some way to go.

To sum up,  last night I bought the book, had a bit of a discussion, ate a cheese sandwich and fell asleep - twice - during meditation. No discernible shift so far but will keep you posted..xx


  1. Any pointers on the path to enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I did a meditation course once. And I quote "After one and half hours, most of which was spent internally reprimanding myself for not being able to focus...".

    I hope you have more success than me!

    Popped over from Woogsworld. Will be back!

  3. Also popped over from Woogsworld and stayed a while.